Anton Heinz-Georg Torres


Realizing he wanted to help Goku save the universe and be a Power Ranger at an early age, Anton set off down the path of Martial Arts. This passion lead him to connect with anything Martial Arts related….This includes lots…and lots…of Manga, Anime, and Video games. He saw Martial Arts as a form of self expression, and decided to express himself through film, and music. As well as comedy and cosplay. Going to Anime conventions was a way to combine all of his passions into one big jumble of awesomeness. Having sing-alongs, performing at panels, having standup comedy routines he soon became one of those people that were loved by many, hated by haters. He’s been all around the world and back to gain experience, and all that has made him a powerful force to be reckoned with. Fill of passion, kung fu, fun, and nerdyness. Anton has been featured in standup at Anime Expo, ALA, PMX; traveled out to China, France, Germany, and the Philippines; worked on films and MVs for Reel Big Fish & Black Society; and competes in kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Anton will be hosting the Cosplay and Karaoke Contests.


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